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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Studley Royal Water Gardens

We could have walked the long path round from Fountains Abbey to the water gardens but I felt that as we had walked rather a lot already we should just take the car round the road to the other entrance.  gate to studley royal What an imposing entrance – a large arched gateway, long straight drive through the deer park – no deer in sight that day – culminating in a view of St Mary’s church.sr church




The road to the water garden turned off before we reached the churchsr waterfall and followed the lakeside to the car park .  The pedestrian gate was situated just to the right of the waterfall with its decorative towers, one on either side,

temple of piety

and from there it was a short walk along the “canal” above to the ornamental lakes with the Temple of Piety dominating the view. sr canal  


Then there was the cascade and at last the bridge. which we crossed to walk  back on the far side of the canal.  fountains abbey studley royal 069

sr neptune

The route brought us to the temple with views of the statues.This is Neptune.  He stands in the centre of the circular lake facing the temple…

above the cascade

    ..and eventually we reached the bridge above the waterfall, which to be honest I don’t remember crossing!  It looks rather scary to me, too narrow,  with nothing to hang on to, but I must have crossed it as I have a picture of the pillar at the far side taken from the bridge!fountains abbey studley royal 084 

Just to prove it!

So we had done the basic circuit of the water gardens, and headed back to the car, taking a last look back at the waterfallsr falls.

You really can’t see the bridge!  Clever landscaping!

Talk again soon.

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