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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I wonder if we’ll have a white Christmas this year?  It’s likely in some areas but here in the Scottish Borders it’s still debateable!  It hasn’t been too cold recently, but it has been wet!

 tweed green However a few weeks ago we had a couple of inches of the white stuff fall overnight.  It was actually quite pretty.  I put on my boots and wrapped up well and headed for the bridge to look back at Tweed Green – and my house!  I’m so lucky to have a view of the river.lee pen and prorsford bridge  


The view downriver is lovely.  Lee Pen is the pointy-topped hill, which stands above Innerleithen six miles downriver.  You can tell which side of the river the sun shines on!  Being in the northern hemisphere the sun the sun goes round to the south, and shines on the north side.  I get the sun on my balcony most of the day in summer – when it’s not raining.

from the bridge Turning to the left I took this photo of the parish church with the Italian  restaurant and the pub nicknamed The Trust in front.  The lamps on the bridge rampart are beautiful, with salmon twisting around the base, their tails winding round the post.  


 Neidpath castleCrossing the road and looking upriver you can see Neidpath Castle in the distance, a bit beyond the other end of the park.  I used to love looking round the interior of the castle but for the last few years new caretakers have shut the place to visitors, instead, using it as a wedding venue.  It’s such a shame so many visitors to the town are missing out on seeing a part of the area’s history.

   All  that snow has gone now, and we wait to see what will happen between now and 25th!

Just a short entry today.  So much to do.  Wonder if I’ll get all that done!

Talk again soon, though I’m not promising it will be before Christmas.

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