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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A run out in the car

On the Sunday Ray took us out in the car, down the A9 to Aviemore and beyond, to Feshiebridge  I always think of my late cousin Moira from the far north of Scotland when I hear the name Glenfeshie, the valley of the river Feshie.  Being a bit deaf she often didn’t quite catch everything people said to her, instead hearing something quite comical.  I can’t remember exactly what I said to her one time but it was something about fishing, and a boat, but Moira got “There are gypsies coming up Glenfeshie with a goat!”  At that time I had no idea exactly where Glenfeshie was, but now I’ve been to Feshiebridge, so I know now!

distant snow Anyway our objective was to take a woodland  walk round some sculptures by a Scottish guy called Frank Bruce  who decided to turn his hand to sculpting after a back injury. It wasn’t the brightest of days but I did like the light on the snow on the hill.

autumn twg  There were still little bits of autumn colour in the red rosehips and the rosehips few remaining autumn leaves, but winter was giving signs that it meant business.

fb sculpture2Frank’s large wooden sculptures in the woodland at Feshiebridge are really not my cup of tea and the titles and descriptions are way over my head, but I enjoyed the woodland.fb sculpture3 and the occasional view of some sunlight shining through the trees.light through the trees.. 

inverness 094

and the slight covering of snow, where the sunlight couldn’t reach.ray and janet

Ray and Janet


inverness 120Sasha worked hard to keep her pack together.  Every time I hung back to take photos she would try to” round me up” although eventually she got used to the idea and gave up!country walk nr feshiebridge

Soon we headed back to the car for the drive back to Aviemore and the road to the Cairngorm ski centre and the funicular railway.  cairngorm funicular

It was too late in the afternoon to take the train up to the Ptarmigan restaurant, but at least I got a picture of  it as it left the bottom station.  funicular model

This is the bottom station – in a model in a glass case.  The little  train must be in about the same position in the model as it was in my photo.  I had walked up the path a little way to get the shot looking back.

highland burn

So coming back down the path again, the view of the little burn, or stream, appealed to me so I made it the last photo of the day – right before the camera battery ran out.  There’s always another picture to take, but that day I had to let it go!  Can’t even remember now what it would have been!

Anyway, talk again soon.

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