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Saturday, 10 March 2012

First signs of Spring!

For a lot of Britain, the snowdrops will be over now, but here they’re still in flower and last week I had a walk around a couple of gardens where they carpeted the ground.  Drm. Castle farmOne was a private garden and woodland where the bulbs had naturalised and spread over large areas, kailzie carpet of snowdrops

the other a public garden where a similar naturalisation had taken place.  In each of the gardens the owners split clumps and re-plant, and generally add to the amount of blooms that came up each year…  enhancing our enjoyment each spring! 

drm c snowdrops by Tweed The river Tweed runs alongside the first garden, close to the spot where Merlin the wizard is said to be buried,drm c snowdrops path   




and paths wind around the garden and into the woodland.Drm C snowdrops 

Here’s a small clump of snowdrops near the house, and these are in the main garden – a variety called jimmi something.Drm C snowdrops jimi...

drm c aconites

Along with the snowdrops there were occasional groups of aconites.  I had some of these in my last garden the first year I was in that house, but I never saw them again!!  It would have been lovely to have some like these.drm c helebores   

Then there were also some hellebores lurking in the garden, but everywhere you turned there were snowdrops.drm c snowdrop river 



drmc tree

drm c beech arch

The lady of the house had invited us to have tea after our woodland walk  so one of the dogs took it upon itself to make sure we were all “gathered in” (we being the gardening group), drm c snowdrops Ailsa and dogand because I was the straggler hanging back taking photos, I too was made aware that I was to be herded back towards the house.drm c snowdrops  and dog

It was if the puppy was standing there saying, “Well, come on then. Hurry up!  We’re waiting for you!” pollarding_snowdrops 069



It was a lovely visit, and we were well fed with homemade cakes and cups of tea in the 19th century farmhouse, and regaled with stories of the families who had lived in the area throughout the centuries, and of the ancient tower house that was once the main building here.  Sadly it had to be demolished some time ago being in a dangerous condition, but traces of it remain as walls of out buildings.  Eventually it was time to leave, so we bade our farewells, and drove off down the driveway thinking that it might be nice to return when all the daffodils were out, as soon they would be, though not in the swathes that the snowdrops were.  Next time I’ll show you pictures from Kailzie Garden’s snowdrop day!

Talk again soon.


Peggy Ann said...

Gorgeous Evee! You should add a subscribe by email thing to your blog! I have gotten behind by 3 posts!

Anonymous said...

Very fine garden photos. I don't have much knowledge gardens. but really my eyes pass these words to my mouth to say "Waawo"

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