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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Tweed Walk

How many times have you done this walk with me, I wonder?  It’s my favourite walk and so handy for me living where I do, practically on the river bank.  cauldI walked up the north side of the river, as I would if I was going to the Doctor’s or to Morag’s, past the cauld and up to the bridge that crosses the Cuddy Burn, where gulls, ducks and goosanders tend to congregate.bridge







This is one of the goosanders, with his pointy brown crest very evident.  A bit further on I looked back again towards Tweed bridge with Lee Pen in the distance.  It was a bit of a grey day, but I still love that view.bridge and lee pen hay lodge






Then there’s the long stretch that leads to the steps, and the old tree with rocks from the tumbledown wall in its trunk.  At the top of the steps, the path turns left – you can just see the gap on the right of the picture – in front of the old Lodge belonging once to the Hay family, and down again to the river bank.  clump of snowdropsThere are masses of snowdrops along the next bit. I snapped just one clump!

tree roots

Continuing along the river bank in the park now, I could see ahead of me the huge stump of a very old tree that must have been cut down a while ago.  fungi 4 The roots made an interesting pattern, and on closer inspection I found various fungi growing in amongst the little crevices.  They’re quite beautiful!fotheringham bridge

 I wasn’t going to cross the footbridge yet but continue on.  jedder burn

The end of the park is marked by the Jedder Burn.  Cross the bridge and a little way ahead are the Dookits, a rocky outcrop being the spot where a diving board was once fixed.  cal the dookits To dook, in Scots, is to go bathing – well, it does in this context, hence the name of this part of the river.  It wouldn’t be safe to dive here now as the river has silted up, but I am sure kids still come here to play and swim. dog

Dogs and their owners do too.  This dog was having fun chasing stones thrown for him.  I walked on, feeling quite capable today of reaching Neidpath Castle, but the path had got rather mucky beyond the Dookits and I didn’t want to slip  and have to walk home with a muddy backside! neidpath I took a photo of the castle which seemed to merge with the background on a day like today, and began to walk back to the Dookits, rope swing

passing, at a bit of a height, a rope swing hanging over the water.  I expect a beautiful summer’s day will find the youth of Peebles having the time of their lives here – or maybe not, in these days of “health and safety”!  How did the human race survive this long, I wonder, before health and safety rules came along!

Back to the footbridge then and this time I did cross it, to head back to Peebles on the south bank.  On New Year’s day I took a picture from the bridge of the church tower and the different layers of grey.  from Fotheringham bridge Today I took the same picture in brighter conditions, with a late ray of sun hitting the hillside.


I mentioned last time I walked this way that I wouldn’t mind ending up in a wee retirement flat here at Riverside!  I think the middle floor, the bay window on the left…. What do you think? bridge lamp   So back to Tweed Bridge – aren’t these lamps great?  – cross the road for a view of Tweed Green,from bridge

across the bridge

over the bridge; turn right and I was home!

Not a twinge in the hip or knee today!  Great!

Talk again soon.


Katrina said...

I love your Tweed walks and one day I'm really going to do one. I hope the place is full of kids having fun in the summer. I love all of those old bridges, like the Dunkeld one too. The snowdrops are about two weeks ahead of the ones in my garden. The retirement flat looks great but you have a good view of the Tweed from your place now, and no hip twinges - that's a bonus!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

It's lovely on a day when the sun shines, but I can usually still find things to photograph on a dull day! I might have had a better view of the castle today, but yesterday's was a bit Brigadoon-ish! Come down one day and I'll take you along the river!
No twinges yesterday was amazing! Quite a bonus! The waiting list for flats is quite long! I've got time yet!

Peggy@Peggy Ann's Post said...

Thanks for the lovely walk Evee! I felt like I was with you!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

You're welcome, Peggy. Glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to some dry days so the woodland path dries out and I can walk to the castle. I love Neidpath Castle, but unfortunately it's no longer open to the public unless you are getting married there or are a guest at the wedding! It's so sad. I used to visit it about twice each summer, and took all my visitors there. The view back to Peebles from the roof terrace is superb. Hey ho!

MARY said...

Very interesting...
Retirement place looks great BUT why not top floor apartment (if there's a lift that is)... that way you have no noise whatsoever above you... ;-)

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

I live near the Tweed too - but nearer to the North Sea and on the other side of the border! Lovely to see another stretch of this river.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi Mary and Margaret

Mary, it's the bay window I like, but I take your point!

Margaret, I'm reminded of the song Both Sides of Tweed! Good to hear from along the river! I like your part of the world too.

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