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Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Photo a day - January

Well, January’s over – and I’ve completed my first month of a photo a day!  There were only two days that I didn’t get a picture for, but otherwise, there’s something for each day. January calendar Large e-mail view

Sometimes it’s just a reminder of something new - New shoes - new battery charger.  (I charged up the camera battery overnight last Saturday; went to take a photo the next day, and found the battery hadn’t charged at all.  Luckily I was sent a copy of a photo someone else took that day – the old school friends, so I was able to put in the photo I would have taken.)

Others are commemorative -  ‘lighter later’ reminds me that the evenings are drawing out again already, and ‘first snowdrops’ will tell me something next year when I look back!  ‘Six inch daffodils’ will probably tell me even more!  They’ve got quite confused this year with such a mild spell of weather.  Normally they don’t begin to poke their shoots above the earth till well into February!

Then there was Colin’s visit, the two Burns Suppers, frost, the theatre visit to ‘The King & I’, meeting Katrina in Edinburgh – some of the things I have blogged about.

Most are about things I do regularly – lace group, choir, lunch at Pam’s tearoom, a walk along the riverside, eating out with friends…

It’s actually quite hard to get a photo for every day, so missing only two wasn’t bad!   I’ve got a picture for today, the first for February.  Here’s a wee preview!cal knitted bluetit  It’s a bluetit!  Knitted by my friend Norma.  Pretty cute!  Norma’s well into knitting right now, dolls, teddies, baby clothes, socks, flowers – I have an anemone brooch she made – and now bluetits!  Well maybe she’ll do a variation on a theme and turn the bluetit into a robin or a blackbird!!  If she does I might put it onto the calendar too!

Well, here’s hoping I can keep up the photographs for the next 28 days.  Leap year this year too!  Do you know the custom that on 29th February a woman can ask a man to marry her ?  Do you know that if he refuses he has to buy her a pair of gloves?!!!  That custom must go back a long way!  I don’t wear gloves all that often, and I have a pair already, so I don’t think I’ll bother asking anyone to marry me on 29th.

Talk again soon.


MARY said...

That Blue Tit is soooooo CUTE.
I look forward to seeing some of his friends if Norma does them...
I wonder if she can knit a Poppy, or if she has a pattern for one!!!

Katrina said...

What a great cache of photos and as you say the garden flower ones are good as evidence to look back on. I can't believe how much further on your garden is compared with mine.
I'm glad you have no need of gloves, and you'd only end up washing loads of socks (and losing them if you have a sock eating washing machine like mine)- if they said yes!
Cute wee blue tit, I bet they're fiddly to knit.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Yes, Mary. She did poppies from the anamone pattern. I'll see if she will share it!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Katrina - you are soooooo right! Definitely no socks!
Apparently the bluetit isn't lots of little pieces but knitted in one or two bits and stitched up, with wings added!