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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

One a day

At some point last year I decided to make a calendar page for each month of this year.May calendar  The intention was to print them out and use them as my desk diary, only I got so many other calendars at Christmas from overseas that I didn’t need these ones.   Shame to waste them, I thought, and decided that I would use them to record the year in pictures! This is May’s page – obviously!

I started on 1st January with the cyclists’ lights coming through the railway tunnelpeebles tunnel7, then chose the Christmas lights in the High Street for 2nd.street lights  Next year we may be getting new LED lights, but this year was still the old coloured bulbs, quite a number of which had popped by the time they came down on 6th, Twelfth Night.

stormy dayFor 3rd it had to be something relating to the strong winds that battered the country – even if we did come off rather better than many, so a view of the trees from my window seemed to fit the bill.  They took quite a beating but thankfully survived.

ideas from ikea



On 4th I met Edwina and Jean at IKEA for lunch and a mooch around the store, determined to keep my hands well and truly stuck in my pockets!  Hmm!  I managed to spend £20!  I could have spent a whole lot more though!  However I also picked up a few ideas for my house!

king and I In the afternoon of 5th I went with a few friends up to Edinburgh, to the Festival Theatre to see The King and I.  It was excellent, despite the King not being Yul Bryner!  In fact the King in this production was altogether his own man and was brilliant!  Great sets, great costumes, great acting...  In short – Great!

for calendar 

The 6th was rather a dead day, but I had lunch in Pam’s tearoom, the Oven Door, and took a photo of the poinsetia standing by the actual oven door.  The cafe was a former bakery and the ovens are still in situ. 

nre shoes I went round the Peebles shops on Saturday afternoon 7th, and bought a pair of Hotter shoes in the sale.  I think I got £20 off the original price, and they are sooooo comfortable!  I’ve been hooked on Hotters for a few years, even though I tend to live most of the time in Crocs.  My “choir shoes” are Hotters too.  The new ones will go fine with jeans.

So there went the first week!

herges on the loch 009 Linda and I usually meet once or twice a week for lunch or an evening meal so on Sunday 8th we tried somewhere new for lunch, Hergés on the Loch, at Tweedbank near Melrose.  Looking out from our table by the window we could watch the swans, ducks and geese on the water.  A pair of swans seemed to be doing synchronised swimming, dipping their heads at the same time, lifting them again, turning to the same side at exactly the same time to preen, then upright again… it was like a ballet!

4.45 Yesterday, 9th, was another dead sort of a day but it was quite noticeable that the days are beginning to lengthen again.  It was still light enough at 4.45 to take this picture, again from my window, whereas a few weeks ago it was dark by 4.00.

So to today,10th January, and it was a busy day  - just not the type of day though to be taking photos!  In the morning I was working in the charity shop and in the afternoon was at a meeting of the U3A.  oven door In between I was back at Pam’s for a brie and cranberry toastie for lunch,  I’ve invented a new name for it… a branberry toastie – I got my tongue tied round my teeth and that’s what came out!  So!   A photo of the “Oven Door” is my picture for today.  That’s Pam in the background,  She wasn’t for turning round!  Spoilsport!

Well, just to let you see how the calendar is looking, here you are… Ta-daaaaaa!January calendar  There are a few dates up ahead – Burns Night on 25th, a celebration of the birth of Scots poet Robert Burns;  the choir’s particular celebration of that occasion on 28th, and before all those, a special day in Edinburgh on Thursday, meeting a fellow blogger!  Who?  Keeping it a secret for now!

Talk again soon.

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