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Saturday, 12 March 2011

A lace-making weekend

The weekend after I was in Yorkshire, our lace group had a two-day course with our visiting tutor Kitty – MBE, since the New Year’s honours list!  helen's neice's lace There were about ten of us, including the young niece of one of our members.   Marjorie and Jane are mother and daughter.  Here Marjorie gets some help from Kitty with a small piece of Honiton lacekitty marjorie and jane.



marjorie's honiton


Ededith2 Large Web viewith is quite new to lacemaking and was doing really well.  I’ve known Edith for a few years, since Norma brought her to one of our Knoydart Lace Weeks.  She wasn’t making lace in those days, but has since been inspired! 

Alwyn's birds

Alwyn has been working  for a while on this picture in Bruges style lace of a mother bird sitting on a twig, feeding her two young.  It’s nearly finished now and looking good!  This is the wrong side of the work which explains the  exposed ends of thread.  This is an unusual wee pattern that Jane worked.  paddock to lace 058jane's lace




This style of lace doesn’t normally lend itself to a pentagonal shape.

lace 013


Yvonne is working on her piece of continental lace…

lace 001


…following a  design drawn out on paper.


lace 007

Catherine worked this little wave sample – right ……waterlily Large Web view



… while this was the water lily pattern I started in Knoydart last year  that I cut off to begin another piece of work.  I was reasonably pleased with the way the flower was going but the net ground was a bit ropey.  I didn’t get too far with the new piece, so no photos of it.pat's lace

This is Pat’s lace, a piece of beautiful continental lace.  I’m not sure of which style, Paris, Binche, Flanders…….?  I can’t tell which is which. 

pat's flowers

Pat is a wonderful lace maker.  Here’s another piece she has done.  I love the 3D butterfly addition, top left. 

We all had a great and productive weekend, and are looking forward to the next one!

Talk again soon.

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