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Saturday, 19 March 2011


Actually, before I tell you about Sunday’s jaunt, I want to put in a few photos I forgot about while telling you about the visit to Portknockie.  ptk bow fiddle rock from beach When we first arrived there we followed signs to the local landmark – the Bow Fiddle Rock, one of several rock stacks jutting out of the sea at the edge of the village.  ptk stacks



The coastal scenery is beautiful and walks along the cliffs pretty stunning with plenty of seabirds flying round ptk seabirdsor resting on the rocks, squawking loudly.  It’s quite an emotive sound, I think.   Here’s a closer view of Bow Fiddle.  I have heard that at a very rare low enough tide it is possible to access the rock and climb to the top!. ptk bow fiddle rock Quite something! Back on the shore line there are caves to explore, some with surprising views right through to the sea. ptk caves 



I wasn’t going any further through this one as it was a fairly steep descent to the sea and with my terrible balance I didn’t want to risk ending up sliding or even falling right down.   If I’d had a walking pole though…..!   That’s my shadow from the sun behind me as I leaned down to get a better view!   ptk caveThese rocks must be the result of an immense geological thrust millions of years ago  to lie at the angle they do now.

This cave is accessible at low tide, and probably extends quite far into the cliff.  A climb up the rock behind me would take you to a little opening that could be crawled through to go who knows how much further – not an escapade for the foolhardy!  I wonder if the sea thunders into this cave at high tide, or if there are any holes in the roof where the water spouts out.  That would be pretty impressive!  I am sure there must be some blowholes somewhere along here.  Quite some coastline!

Take a look at the website here, and go to the gallery where there are some spectacular stormy photos around Portknockie harbour area and the Bow Fiddle.

Talk again soon.

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