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Sunday, 15 August 2010

More from Doune

We really enjoyed our week at Doune, working on our lace for the most part,  but when we felt the need of some fresh air, we just took ourselves off for a wander, or in some cases a good long walk.  Lisbet walked to Inverie and back one day – we reckon she did about 16 miles that day - up therebut the others made it a one way affair, coming back with Liz in the van after she had had a trip to the village.  That day I stayed back at Doune trying to catch up on the  lacemaking time I had lost by a) arriving a day later and b)leaving necessary working information at home and having to prepare something completely different!   I had climbed the hill half way another day without too much difficulty but I didn’t take a lot of persuading to stay behind after it had rained hard during the night, turning the hill path into a bit of a mudslide! 

kn doune from up the hill Generally I did go out at some time each day to look for photo opportunities I hadn’t already found over 14 years of visits!kn margaret at our bay


  This time I tried to be a bit more “arty” so I can submit my pics to our Photographic Group  and I wasn’t unhappy with some of the results.  kn shore at doune kn rocks stone lodge bay2






kn bracken turningRocks, seashore, wild flowers, boats, etc make quite good subject matter!doune eyebright





doune wednesday foxgloves by the step

This is a small clump of foxgloves growing by the front step of a long gone cottage, its last occupants having been evicted along with the rest of the settlement, in the late 1840s, by its ruthless  landowner, to make way for a more profitable income in the shape of sheep and deer.  There is something poignant in the flowers blooming here.

kn dooune stones and sticky willie


This is goosegrass, or as we know it “Sticky Willie” growing amongst the stones on the beach above the tide line.  As kids we’d have great fun with sticky willie , tying to stick it on our friends’ backs so that they were quite unaware of it! doune wednesday grass on rocks

Back to the rocks, and grasses growing with a tiny stonecrop plant. The boat in the water is  Gripper II, one of the Doune boats.  sound of sleat


I love the softness of this photo looking  across the Sound of Sleat to the long southern arm of the Isle of Skye.

So there we are for today.  I’ll have more pictures and stories from Doune next time too!!!

Talk again soon.

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Dragonfly Dreams said...

BEE-yoo-tee-ful photos, Evee! You have such a supurb talent! Thanks for sharing!