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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Back in Kintyre – again!

I sent Linda in Kintyre some photos last week.  She replied, thanking me, and “I don’t suppose you’d like to come on the lace course next week, would you?” she wrote, “ We’ve had some cancellations!”

Well, now!  I didn’t have anything on the calendar that I couldn’t change, and I had just received a nice wee amount of money for some old jewellery – that would cover the cost of both the course and the travel there and back, and I’d never get that piece of lace I started in Doune completed on my own………… I wrote back and  said - “Well,, now that you mention it, I would like to come to the course!”….. which is why I am now here in Kintyre again and enjoying the sunshine and blue sky.  out in the sun1 Today the weather is glorious after a few days of rain and wind, so after working all morning, we have come out to sit round the gazebo – me in it as I  can’t tolerate the bright sunlight. jean l in for a swim


Jean, our tutor, went in for a swim, while the rest of us just enjoyed the relaxation of sitting doing not much – apart from me trying to catch up with the blog.  We’ve all just had a glass of wine too – very civilised – and are ready for supper which  will be served any minute now!

Supper’s over – peaches in brandy for pudding – and some folk have gone back to their lace.  The rest of us are relaxing! 

Let me introduce you to the group.  judithjane

Judith, Ann and Janeann

margaret g






Jenny and Margaret


lindaLinda and I are the other two, and Jean, from Glasgow, is our tutor.  david and jean 45 anniversary 24.8 It was Jean’s and David’s 45th wedding anniversary yesterday, so the celebratory chocolate cake was produced, cut and eaten – with great enthusiasm!  Jane’s husband, also David, is here too but goes out walking every day, so we only see him in the evenings.

crubasdaleThis is where we are (left)We work in the room to the right of the door!the chalet

and this is where Margaret and I are staying, the chalet next door.

We are  all enjoying the lace we are   doing.  kintyre wed 012 I am  cracking on now with the water lily, but it’s still nowhere near finished.  Between us, Jean and I decided the working diagram was a bit odd, so I am doing it “my way” now!  So far, so good!

The scenery as I may have said before is lovely.   view from front door We look out across the garden to the sea across the road, Islay in the distance with the island of Cara nearer to us.  I once met someone called Cara, who told me she’d been named after an island.  This was the one!

  a'chleitLooking up the beach the rocks are black, but inland it is all sandstone with red red earth.  That’s the church at A’Chleit on the point (left).  view to jura


The hills (right) are the Isle of Jura mountains.  Gigha (Gee-a) is the island  in front, with the wind turbines.

I haven’t strayed far from the house, no long walks, just a few potters around on the beach, looking for shells and stones, and taking photos.  brambles2There are lots of wild flowers, and autumn fruit already.   red rowans already The brambles are very plentiful this year, and the rowans already have clusters of bright red berries decorating the trees. 

muasdale old bridgeOn the way to the shop at the beginning of the week when it had rained pretty persistently there was a huge amount of peaty brown water thundering over the rocks under the old bridge.   old bridge

Just compare it to later in the week after a beautiful spell of dry weather.   It was back to normal again!

Well, as you probably can tell, I didn’t manage to post this during the week at Kintyre, and now I am home again with masses of photos to sort through, and tales to tell.  So, more of them next time!

Talk again soon.

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