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Friday, 18 June 2010


whistlebare and foxgloves  Brenda and Donald live in a cottage way up on a hillside, and this is the local name for it, a good one when you consider winter with the wind whistling around the place and the ground pretty bare of trees, except for the forestry plantation behind the house, and a tiny rowan tree Brenda planted in memory of her lost baby, who would have been a young man now had he been able to live.

 whistlebare the ruinWhen Brenda bought the cottage several years ago the place was a ruin – 4 stone walls, a roof you could see through (this was from a later picture when the roof was taken down), no window frames or doors, no floorboards – all were gone, used to make fires by walkers and others stopping by, after it was deserted by its last human occupant, the local gamekeeper, probably about 60 or more years ago.

 whistlebareSo, over the years, not without many difficulties and problems, Whistlebare has become a beautiful little house, with views over the Perthshire hills and countryside to die for.  I last saw it when it was in its ruinous state, but visited last weekend to see an almost finished home.     whistlebareJust a few photos then, and a quick posting, as summer is proving to be a very busy time!                                                The view from the front door.  The road is way down in the valley, with just a track leading uphill.view panoramathe neighbours    

The neighbours!

donnie, bee and sorcha

Donald, Brenda and her daughter.

Below is the living room.  I can hardly believe I saw this last when it was an empty shell! main room panorama b2




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