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Saturday, 5 September 2009


I’ve retired!  I finished work on Thursday night, having had hands shaken and cheeks kissed, and above all wished lots of happy times ahead, by several of my favourite customers at the Co-op!   retirement bouquet The staff gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, in pinks and white, set in a water-filled bowl made of pretty cellophane tied with a huge pink bow.retirement bouquet3  





retirement bouquet2

retirement bouquet4






It was quite a normal shift, and nothing feels different!  Since April I have only been working part time, two days a week, so at the moment I am used to having a few days off after I’ve worked a day!

So, in a couple of weeks I am off to Knoydart for a few days, then my trip to Canada begins!  Looking forward to that!

Talk again soon.

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Kia said...

Congrats! :D Cheers!