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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Craigdarroch Castle

Friday 25 September 2009, my first day in Canada.

The sun was shining.  It was warm outside.  In fact it was positively warm – very pleasant indeed!  Nancy had the grandchildren for the day to let number two son and his wife to go to Vancouver for a concert and a stay-over, so Don took me to see canada 002Glendarroch Castle, built  in the later 1880s by wealthy businessman, Robert Dunsmuir, born in Ayrshire, Scotland, of very humble beginnings.  He came to Canada to mine coal, but managed to improve his situation, finally becoming a great coal baron.  Money was obviously no object, and the house was designed in Romanesque style, covering various eras.  Building materials were brought from  California, Vermont and Chicago, and in its elevated location it really showed off his great wealth and standing. 

craigdarroch lobbyWhat an amazing place!    The hall and landings were panelled in golden oak, matching the several flights of stairs with beautiful mezzanine landings,




sitting room glen d 

and rooms ornamented with beautiful fireplaces




craigdch dining roomand  some astounding built-in furniture.



canada 005




Windows were decorated with some of the most stunning stain glass designs, and the drawing room ceilings artistically painted 

Dunsmuir himself died before completion of the house but his widow Joan and some of their family moved into the “castle” in 1890, where they were able to entertain the higher echelons of society.

In its time, since Joan died it has been used as a military hospital and a college, before being left empty for some time.  A group of enthusiasts then got together to raise funds to restore the building to its original glory and that work is on-going even yet.

The blethering place, oak bay After the visit we went for lunch to The Blethering Place – a British tearoom/restaurant!  The decor was very English, despite blethering being a Scottish word rather than English, but the food was nice.  Eunice and Maureen, you will be interested to see the diners at  a nearby table…..blethering place red hatters


the local Red Hat Society were out for afternoon tea!



storytime with nannaSoon it was time to get home for tea, with Don’s and Nancy’s grandies.  What fun! 

Then there was story time with Nanna….


poppa and charlie and playtime with Poppa, before they all went to bed.

I had kind of got over the jet lag but still went to bed early-ish!  Not like me at all, but never mind! I was still tired!

So, still a few days to catch up on, but more maybe tomorrow!

Talk again soon.

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Mary said...

Oh Evee, sounds like you're having a BALL!!! At this rate, you'll need some time to recuperate when you get back BUT HEY... you're retired now!!! Got all the time in the world.
thinking of you.