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Monday, 18 May 2009


Well, an interruption from the adventures of Don, Nancy and Evee, to tell you about a school reunion and show you a photo of the class of '67! We all left St Hilary's in the summer of 1967, all of us very happy to do so as our last few years had been marred by the early death of a wonderful forward-looking head teacher when we were about 14. How different our lives and careers might have been if she hadn't been killed in that car accident.

However things can't be changed and we left school, went to college, university, or a chosen job or profession. Some married early, some later. Some didn't! Some divorced, remarried or maybe not, and several now have grandchildren. Some stayed in Scotland, others left, some travelled and came home again. What we all have in common is that we are all 60 this year! So it was really sweet of Babs to have recognised that fact and present each of us with a pretty little silver coloured package and a Happy Birthday! Thanks Babs!

Anyway I lost touch with everyone after school so it was quite coincidental that when I decided to contact one of the Fionas whose name was on Friendsreunited, she told me there was to be a reunion in May! I wouldn't have seen most of these folk for 42 years!

It was with some trepidation that I - late as usual - found my way to the bar in the Edinburgh Sheraton on Saturday night. There were various groups there. Would I recognise anyone? Then it was Moira who saw me! "Here she is!" she announced and proceeded to hug me! I hugged her back wondering who the heck she was!!! I can't believe I didn't recognise her - at first! Some of the faces were very recognisable, some familiar but I couldn't put names to, and two who I didn't recognise at all! Sorry, Chris and Joyce, though of course once they introduced themselves I knew at once who they were. So there was a lot to catch up on and we moved around chatting and reminiscing, amid lots of exclamations and laughter. Then the champagne arrived and we grouped up for a photo to be taken by a waiter who had several cameras thrust at him, entrusted with making a good job of this photo shoot!

Joyce, I'd love to know what it was you turned and said to Margaret to set her off laughing like that!

Left to right: me, Ann, Joyce, Margaret, Babs, Alison peeping out behind Babs, Fiona,
Jane, Moira (in front), the other Fiona and Linda.

Where is Chris? Can't miss her out so here's Chris...

and here's one of Joyce with Ann.
and this is Alison, in the only other pic I have of her. It's not a good one. She's far prettier in real life.
Next it was dinner, a buffet style meal, where we helped ourselves and came to sit at the long table set aside for us! After each course we all moved seats so we all got a chance to speak to everyone else. I have to say I can't remember half of what everyone has been up to, who is retired or still working, who has grandchildren and who lives where! Linda who was my best pal in our last years at school told me her mum is still alive aged 91. I remember her with great affection. She was like a second mum to me - and far less strict than my own, a fact Linda remembered well. I'd love to see her again. So we talked about old boyfriends, sisters and brothers, teachers, and more besides. It was great.

After dinner we headed back to the bar, where the chatter continued till well after midnight, when we were suddenly aware of the staff clearing up around us, cushions being plumped up, and dim atmospheric lights being turned up again. E-mail addresses and phone numbers had been exchanged and with more hugs we finally said our goodbyes, with promises to meet up again next year. However, hopefully some of the girls who are still in the central belt of Scotland will get in touch before then. Several say they come to Peebles on occasions so now I hope they will call in when they are here! I'll look forward to seeing them!

Talk again soon!

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mh51 said...

Oh that looked like a great night out.