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Friday, 22 May 2009

French letters! Go on, read on. It's OK!

I made a great discovery today! A website that can add French accents (and a variety of other languages' accents) without using the numeric keyboard which doesn't exist on a laptop!

It's not that I write French that often, but as I subscribe to a couple of scrapbooking websites from France, I try to reply to forums, add comments on scrapbook layouts, etc. in French. It was reasonably simple to do on the PC, using "alt" plus certain three digit numbers on the numeric keyboard. It didn't work with the numbers on the ordinary keyboard. However then I bought a laptop! Ah-ha! What do I do now?

So, I went Googling today and came up with a forum giving advice on just such a problem - no can do on laptop keyboard! There were several letters giving advice, all of which sounded terribly difficult and long-winded, until I came to one referring me to a website called http://french.typeit.org/ It's brilliant!

All you need to do is type your letter in French, and when an accent is needed, you just click the one you want!

Ça va? écossaise, après, hôte, à la carte..... You can also do french speech marks «Bonjour,» dit-il.
Once you are finished you go back and correct your spelling (spot the mistake!!!!!), then simply edit/copy then paste it into your email or blog or word document.....

Formidable!!! Only "formidable" doesn't have any accents in French!

Talk again soon.


mh51 said...

Well found Evee... even if I won't use it.
(BTW... my laptp has a numeric keypad section.)

mh51 said...

Check out ScrapbookMAX re 'French'...