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Saturday, 18 April 2009


...or Kelsae if you are a Borderer!

Linda and I went out again recently on our pursuit of good eating places, and found a lovely little cafe for lunch! The best macaroni cheese with the most garlicky garlic bread we have tasted for ages! Afterwards we had our usual walkabout and I, of course armed with camera, found lots to photograph! This little posy of flowers was on the table in the cafe. Scrapbookers, it's a .png file so click to enlarge and then save it if you want it! Hey, my first freebie! (Thanks would be nice if you do grab it!!!)

Kelso town square is large and has many attractive and historical buildings. On the right of this photo is the rather imposing Town Hall while to the left of it is the almost as imposing Cross Keys Hotel!

Here's the hotel again - full frontal this time!

and here's another full frontal... of the town hall. There must have been civil wedding on that day. Those look like two bridesmaids and a best man, in a kilt, crossing in front!

Kelso has one of the four Border Abbeys, built by King David I in the 12th century. It is thought to have taken the form of a double cross, but only the ruins of one end remain today after its destruction in 1545 by King Henry VIII!

What does remain gives an indication of its former magnifence. Take a look at these.... one of the towers;

the west gate;

arched windows;

stone carving sadly weather eroded now. It's pretty impressive! How could old Henry have ordered such destruction!

There are some nice shops in Kelso too, and I loved the teddies on sale in one of the gift shops!

Just look how cute these are!!!

Sister Jean will love these!

So after our exploration we headed out of town, along by the Duke's Dyke (a big high wall enclosing Floors Castle and the land belonging to the Duke of Roxburgh) to end up having tea and cake in the Duke's garden, well, his garden centre tearoom garden at least! How nice to be able to sit in the fresh air and listen to the birds.
I managed to snap this pied wagtail on the strip of lawn you can see in the "tea" photo.
The sun was gettting low on the horizon as we made our way back towards Peebles, and I chanced a few photos into the sun as we drove along.
This one of the ancient Smailholm Tower (right) the elegant Scots Pines, and the Eildon Hills just disappearing from view on the left, was the best one. So I give you my parting shot for today....
Talk again soon.

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MemoryKeeper said...

What fun you must have had. Your photography is amazing! I love the flowers and vase....very beautiful.

I hope to continue to help you with your beautiful blinkie....

Hugs from the heart,