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Monday, 13 April 2009

New look!

Hope you like the new look to my blog! It was Mary who gave me the URL for IzzieGrace's backgrounds - thanks ever so, Mary - and I made the heading!

Anyway, back to episode 3 - or is it 4 - of my seems-so-long-ago-now trip to Yorkshire! Well, county Durham too, as Darlington is just over the county border from North Yorkshire.

Darlington: Connected with railway history! The first ever train ran from Darlington to Stockton at the alarming speed of about 6mph. Click here to read all about it!

The old town centre has been revamped recently, and is mostly pedestrianised now. It was quite a controversial plan, I gather, but I have to say looked rather good in the sunshine the day I was there.

I remember "Darlo" as a pretty dreary place that we used to visit now and again when shopping required more than Richmond could offer. However the new steps, including the waterfall steps here, and the old Georgian/Victorian buildings look quite attractive together. Shame that they did away with the old stone balustrade along the top of the steps though. It would have looked very good cleaned up!

The old market hall, opposite the High Row shops, is still the same as ever, inside and out, with the town clock tower as impressive as I remember.

The next few pictures were taken inside the market hall where you can buy your butcher meat, or wet fish, and then turn around and choose your veggies from the stall opposite. Go another few steps and pick up your newspaper, or walk a few steps in the other direction and find a new blouse, chocolates or a birthday card. I love it!

Behind the market hall is the open air market place, unfortunately deserted that day. Rows of covered stalls sell all kinds of wares every market day: jewellery, knitting wool, carpets, bric-a-brac, haberdashery, second-hand books, petfood, antiques, garden furniture.... you name it and there will more than likely be a stall selling it! To a Scot these markets are amazing places! Here we have a few small markets in the south of the country but they are not like the English markets!

At the foot of the market place is St Cuthbert's church, which I have to say I was never in, but I understand it is quite a significant Old English church in the area.

So there we are! That was my little visit of reminiscences. I must go back again before too long, and I'll make sure it's market day in Darlo. Apparently Reeth also has a market now, once a week! Must see that too. It is set up on the Cobbles at the top of the village, not sure on which day!
Next time, a little jaunt not too far from home....
Talk again soon.

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