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Friday, 6 March 2009

Spring is springing!

Well, it does seem like Spring is getting here! The sun is shining. The sky is blue. There are a few lambs in a field not too far away, and the trees and bushes are showing signs of green! Of course the crocuses, snowdrops and aconites are looking great - and I must go and look in one particular garden to see if my favourite of the early flowers is blooming yet!
Unlike the other early flowers that are mainly white or yellow, the hepatica is pale blue, a very delicate colour for a very delicate looking flower. There are also pink ones and white ones, but I love the blue! We had them growing in our garden when I was just a wee tot, and was told in years to come that it was the first flower name I knew, though I used to call it "hy-patica"! I really must buy some for my present garden!
I saw one in a catalogue, called Pyrenean Marbles that looks like an even paler blue, so I think I'll go for the blue and that one - and maybe also a pure white!

Tomorrow I have to take my car to get the exhaust looked at! I'm not even sure it's just a hole in it as it is roaring like the silencer has gone! It's quite an embarrassment! Anyway, I've arranged to meet Linda for lunch so I'll drive up to Edinburgh, meet her, then head for the garage with her following on in the Jimny. We'll go and lunch and I can fetch the car again in the afternoon.

Oh the joys of running a car! I actually don't use it that much these days - no longer having cousin Moira away up north in Sutherland to visit for long weekends, or elderly rellies in Fife to keep a regular eye on - but I would miss it like hell if I was to be without it! Next month I qualify for my free bus pass, so could go anywhere in Scotland when I wanted, but it's not the same! It's freedom to go where and when you want, and I do like to drive myself! So until I am too decrepit to take to the roads or too forgetful to remember where it is parked - no parking space with this flat - I'll keep Smudge, my Peugeot Quiksilver. I have a few days holiday coming up so maybe I'll take him on a visit to Yorkshire. Haven't been back to the Dales in a while! More of that idea anon! It's time to head for work now!

Talk again soon.

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