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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

An expensive day out

Tried to put in another blog-piece last night but blogspot wasn't playing! Seems to be OK again now so here I go!

I went to Edinburgh on Saturday; took the car in for repair and left it till later in the day when I was to collect it. In the meantime Linda and I decided to try a new pub restaurant for lunch. Nice looking place! Looks like an old farmhouse with outbuildings, but is in fact a new build.

Inside, lots of old reclaimed beams and timber made the place look olde worlde, and the old, also reclaimed, brick fireplaces added to that feel.

The dark wood tables and chairs of different styles gave the place quite an appealing atmosphere, especially as the fire was real and ON!

We ordered our food, and waited. Well, I have to say neither of us was impressed! Often we tend to go for the same choices, but on Saturday we chose different starters and different main courses. Let's just say we ate them because we were hungry! We decided against puddings/desserts/sweets, even cups of coffee, and later had tea and cake in the nearby garden centre cafe, which was much nicer.

This is a huge garden centre with a large pet section. We took a walk to see what was in the various runs and cages:-

firstly birds.....

If you don't like wee beasties, close your eyes and scroll on down - NOW

I've just remembered some other pet pics I took at another pet store that I haven't shown you so here they are too:-

This is my favourite pic..........

Those of you who know me, know how much I love small animals. I think the rest of you know that now too!
Anyway getting back to Saturday, I picked up the car later in the afternoon. £372 it cost me! 372!!!!! The whole exhaust system had to be replaced and the catalytic converter alone cost a couple of hundred! Oh well! It had to be done, and as pay day came along recently, at least there was money in my account! So it was a quieter drive home that night, and I nearly £400 the poorer!
Talk again soon.

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