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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

petanque and petals

The third of my posts about Tenerife!  It’s all such an age ago too!  If only I could keep at my blogging instead of doing a lot of the useless stuff I do on the computer!  No I don’t play games – much -  but collecting and pinning stuff on boards is something I could cut back on!

Back to Tenerife then!  One of the main reasons – no, THE main reason my friend Peter goes out to Tenerife in the winter is that he’s passionate about petanque, and there are lots of Europeans taking holidays on the island during the winter months, and spending their afternoons playing at the Bel-ten, (or was it Ten-Bel?).  P1100895Tommy and Sandra probably introduced him to the Tenerifian “scene” in the first place and he is very happy playing with, and learning from, folk who have probably grown up with the game!   Some are very serious and rarely raise a smile, but even I managed to get a few grins and high fives when I occasionally threw a good boule!  My biggest and best moment was a high five from the French petanque champion – a lovely guy called Jean Pierre!  It was fun joining in, and  I enjoyed using some French in the attempt to find a common language amongst the players.  Most spoke some English, but a few Belgians and Spanish players only had a few words.

ten60 petanque We played several times, including in the competition held on the Friday of Carnival week when we were told to dress up in fancy dress!  Tommy’s and Sandra’s brains were picked and they produced a box of things they keep in their apartment for special events.  ten70c carnivalI picked out the Scottish saltire tee-shirt and a silly hat to match, while Peter chose a white Scottish tee-shirt, tartan ribbon and a “Jimmy” hat.  (Comes from the expression “See you, Jimmy”  supposedly used a lot in Scotland, especially in Glasgow, where all Scotsmen aten71a carnivalre thought to have red hair!!!!!  I’m trying to find the words for an English translation of “See P1110019you!” but I’m having problems with it.)  We did look a right pair!  I got some odd stares too and I discovered that the Scottish saltire is also the Tenerifian flag!  Fancy that! Their background is darker blue though.

At first we wondered if we were going to be the only idiots, but it turned out that quite a few folk had dressed up.ten71b carnival

The dark haired guy in the left photo is actually bald, but looked great in his dark wig.  ten71 carnival

The folk on the immediate left are Danish.

ten71f carnivalWe had a good time that afternoon, even if we didn’t win!    The final was played with everyone standing or sitting round the piste on the available plastic chairs.  It was quite a tense  game, but in the end the woman in the red tee-shirt and her partner won!ten016a carnival final

ten016b carnival final





Now, my title suggests I have more to say about my visit to Tenerife, and that is where I’m going next.  It was February, traditionally a dreary dull month back at home….. but here it was like the middle of a British, Scottish even, summer!  And were the flowers in bloom?  You bet!  Take a look at these!  I can’t name them all, but I’ll do my best… starting with the bougainvilleas!ten 115 flowers  They were everywhere!P1110263 

P1100901Aren’t they amazing!  even growing wild in the scrubland at Bel-ten (or is it Ten-bel?)

ten 117 flowers

ten47 flowers

ten85 plant






ten57 flowers






This was on the way to the cafe where we had lunch a couple of times.ten97 flower



ten98 christianos flowers




ten103 cactus




and this is a cactus!






and I think this is a bird of paradise plant.


ten89 flowers

and more bougainvilleas.




more cacti, below, ten83 cactus

ten79 breakfast at sunfower


It seems somehow shocking that these on Peter’s terrace are artificial – and not his!



ten67 parakeet


Yes, I know it’s a bird, a parakeet in fact, a rarely still one at that, but I had nowhere else to put it, so it’s here!  They were everywhere too, too fast to take pictures of normally, as they screech their way through the air at enormous speed!

ten 132 path to sunflower

and more bougainvilleas – even orange onesP1110463.








This was in Garachica where a volcanic eruption 300 yeats ago covered some of the village.P1110416


How beautiful is this with its two tone colouring! 

And this IS a bird of paradise flower along with another pretty red flower.P1110408

I must have loads more photos with flowers and petanque in them, but I think this is probably more than enough for today!  I may just have one more episode to write about, and that was our coach tour round the volcano, Teide (rhymes with Lady, I believe), down to the north coast and up into the mountains where the roads are SCARE-EEEEE!

Talk again soon!


Chrissie! :) said...

Looks like a great time... and I love all the flowers!

Peggy Ann said...

Looks like loads of fun, Evee!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Sorry I've been so tardy at adding your comments, ladies. I loved what I saw of Tenerife, but I don't think I'd like to be there in the height of summer - too hot and too many people. I must get the last episode of my trip written soon, as other things are waiting to be blogged about now, like a certain trip north, Peggy? And trips with Minnie the campervan! Keep tuning in, ladies! I will get there soon!