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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Winter sun

We have had some lovely sunsets recently, but the night before last really took the biscuit!  I first
noticed that the sky outside my window was rather pink with fluffy little clouds!  
My room is south-facing, so that was a bit of a clue that the sunset was going to be something special, so out with the camera and headed for the front door for a view towards the
west.  This was the view from the garden.
A bit of a purple sky but the orange colours were more to the left, rather hidden by the buildings.  So, making sure my phone was in my pocket, in case the gasman called to say he was on his way to fix my central heating boiler, i climbed the steps to the High Street, and took a picture of the church with coloured sky behind.
The view from the bridge round the corner would be better, so that was my next destination, only a couple of minutes away.  Yes, the colours were better!
This was a zoomed in shot of a similar view as the one below.
Back at home, i went to put a picture on Facebook, but I'd been pipped at the post.  Several others had got there before me with some fantastic shots.

The first photo was actually taken at Doune in Knoydart on the west coast.  They'd had the sunset too!
The point of land across the water on the right is the southern tip of Sleat on Skye.  Behind that is the Isle of Rum, with its high mountain peaks.  The west coast is renowned for its sunsets, so this doesn't disappoint!  I've taken a few Doune sunset photos over the years, but this is better than any I've done.

Then I found Sandra's picture.......
and Tommy's........
and Teri's.  She actually put up three beautiful shots
Here are the other two.....
Photos kept trickling in to my Facebook page.  Here's one from Edinburgh, about 25 miles north of Peebles!
 And one  taken over the River Forth, by Claire Dalrymple

There were some even from Donegal on the west of Ireland.  We'd all experienced something special!

By the way, if you remembered back at the beginning, i mentioned that i was waiting for the gasman come to fix the central heating boiler.  He was supposed to phone?  Well, he didn't, and he never turned up!

Talk again soon.



Peggy Ann said...

I saw all these gorgeous pics on Facebook too. I think it must have been an exceptional sunset all over Scotland that night! I loved seeing your pics around Peebles and it makes me even more excited about getting there to see it in person!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Looking forward to showing off our lovely country to you, Peggy. You may get some nice sunsets too when you are over, but the sun doesn't set till quite late at night in May, so hope you are a night owl!