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Friday, 28 November 2014


I discovered an app on my iPad not long ago.  It’s called Waterlogue and it transforms your photos into stunning watercolours!  I’ve had great fun with it!  Let me show you!

2014-08-07 20.35.18This is Katie, my neighbour Heather’s cat, sheltering from the sun in this bush, and here she is Waterlogued!2014-08-07 20.58.00



2014-08-25 13.20.13

2014-10-06 14.05.15I took the photo of Heather’s garden sometime this summer and on the right is the Waterlogued version.


2014-08-21 18.28.03

2014-07-04 13.42.42

Walking along the bank of the river Tweed, I captured the houses opposite – and played with them later.  Here are a couple more Peebles views….2014-08-21 18.13.01

2014-08-21 18.23.18

2014-09-10 20.31.54and this is an evening shot at Doune that turned out like this…2014-10-06 14.02.02 It’s such fun changing the styles till you find the one you like best.




More from Doune…2014-10-06 13.37.55

2014-10-06 13.35.35The Pier and the chickens pecking in the grass behind the White House and Boathouse.  I think my favourite ones from Doune areLiz’s house on the hillliz's doune

whitehouse douneand this view of the White House.




These next few were photos I took in various gardens, including my own.IMG_2930



I love the fuchsias.  That’s the original photo below right.. IMG_2441

This is one of the twelve heads that bloomed on my lily this year. Twelve!!!  Amazing!  It was so beautiful.

IMG_2921IMG_2924The next picture taken in the  Dawyck Botanical Gardens reminds me of an 18th century assignation.  It doesn’t look like that in the original photo though!



These are Norma’s Raspberry Ripple geraniums.

I just realised all these flowers are  basically pink so here’s a yellow one!IMG_3166


Down in Yorkshire, CB was helping to carve pumpkins for the Halloween party at the Water Gardens.  This was one of the bigger ones!  They were all displayed in the gardens and lit in the evening!

IMG_3158The other day I was down in Melrose, one of the Border Abbey towns, having tea with a friend.  It’s about 4.00 pm when it gets dark at this time of year so as the light goes, the floodlights go on at the ruined Abbey.   In this picture the beech tree in the foreground was well reflected in the floodlight, along with some of the gravestones.  It was fabulous.

Waterlogue gives you the chance to use various effects to enhance your photo/water colour.  It’s good how you can get great results from the least likely photo, and vice versa.  So if you have an iPad and haven’t yet seen Waterlogue, just look up the app.  It’s free to download!  Now I want to print out a few of my pictures, and put them on the wall!

Talk again soon


BookPlease said...

I love these images - so beautiful! I must have a go myself.

Peggy Ann said...

Got it Evee! Wasn't free here though but $1.99 wasn't bad! Thanks

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Thanks, girls! It's a great app. Just a pity the text and photos don't all go where they should! It was perfect on the preview but unfortunately not on the published post!

ann said...

Hello, Eve. I just discovered your blog by clicking on Blogger's "next blog" button. I am so glad to find you. I love Scotland. I visited Edinburgh June 2006. My friend and I stayed at a B & B and lingered in there for 5 days. We took a bus tour to Lock Ness and boat ride on the Loc, a dream come true. I want to take my husband back to Scotland. I live in Colorado, USA out on the prairie. I am a retired college professor. I taught English (writing and literature) at small university. Now I do pretty much the same things that you do. Visit my blog, annsgardenspot.blogspot.com. Hope to see you there soon.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi Ann, Edinburgh is my home town, but I left there nearly 40 years ago. You chose some nice places to visit. When you come back to Scotland do let me know! Meanwhile I hope you come back to my blog!