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Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Potting Shed

the potting shedNot my potting shed, but one beside the walled garden of a splendid 1930s big house not so far from Peebles.  The potting shed and greenhouse were turned into kitchen and dining room for a new house the owners had built, so what else would you call your house that incorporated a potting shed?  The Potting Shed, of course.

Since the house was completed a few years ago, the owners have been working on their garden, bringing in JCBs and earthmovers, to dig out hillsides, and deposit topsoil to create the basic garden.  hill gardenWinding paths and steps were introduced to the hillside garden and bit by bit the planting got underway.  In just a few years a beautiful garden has been created, and already looks quite mature.  Trees, shrubs, roses, clematis (what’s the plural of clematis?), and vast amounts of herbaceous plants have been chosen to withstand a cold windy winter on a Scottish Borders hillside.hillside side gardenIt is beautiful!

pot shed2And now to the photos I took.  Most are photos of flowers, and I think I am going to just put them in here to admire, and any others, I may comment about. back of house

hill view



What a wonderful view over the veggie garden.  There are various points in the garden where you can sit and admire similar views.

colourful planting

Colourful planting.planting2




clematis and rose

iris purple









geranium white






dianthusdeep pink rose




pink rose









pnk rose






This rose had a real old rose scent.three leaf








white roses



white clematis



white rose




pot shed1










Philadelphus Mock Orange is one of my favourite shrubs.  This is a beautiful clematis.  I want one like this for my own garden. Then there are the little white single roses – the Jacobite rose!  There seem to be so many white flowers.  These white lilies are beautiful.  Here’s one more – the peony.






Beyond the shrubs and herbaceous plants the garden extends into the woodland which is also being developed.

So, we had a lovely tour of yet another of the secret gardens of Tweeddale – well not exactly Tweeddale but it’s not that far away.  I wonder where the next U3A gardening group visit will be to.

Talk again soon.



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