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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Read Scotland 2014

Scotland badgeNow then, what have I read for Peggy’s challenge since I last wrote about it?  To be honest I haven’t read anything very much at all for a while, Tom Steelhowever I have made a start on Tom Steel’s Life and Death of St Kilda, and am enjoying it very much, learning more about the islanders way of life over the centuries.




Before that I read a book I picked up at a Peebles book sale last year.  It is called Noost and was written by Frank Renwick, about the mythical Shetland isle of the title.  There isn’t really a story, though characters from one chapter  appear in others, yet there is a bit of a story or two running through the book.  It was very amusing – a bit silly - though I almost put it aside without reading it at first, as the pages seemed not to have paragraphs, and a whole page with no indentations struck me as very off-putting!!

scottlandI’ve also started reading Stuart Kelly’s book about Walter Scott, the novelist accused of inventing Scotland!  Tell you more anon!

So does that make 8 books read?  I’ve lost count!  I dare say if you wanted to take part in the challenge you could still visit Peggy Ann’s Post and sign yourself up.  You have a choice of how many books you aim to read.

Talk again soon.

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