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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Windows 8!

Well, I did it!  I really thought I was going to have to start a new blog now that I have my new laptop running Windows 8!  What a difference to XP, which is what I have been working on up till now!  I’ve sussed out how to get my emails, but not how to put them into the folders I used to use – and how do you delete multiple emails, or empty the spam folder?  I wish the scrolling arrows stayed on the screen, instead of fade away when you linger on a particular section of a document etc.  Oh I have masses of questions but I will just work my way through or round the problems.  I’ll have to study the Apps! This is just a short wee blog post as I have lots to do today, but I just needed to try this out!  Here’s hoping it publishes ok!

Oh, and I want to apologise for the Tinypics box.  It seems that the sides of my blog have been deleted and I can't remember how to get them back!  I'll work on another background soon or just use one of the Blogger templates.  I began to set up another blog with Wordpress and chose a template with a camera picture heading!  It was nice!  However I'm back with what I know now.

Talk again soon.

1 comment:

Peggy Ann said...

It's so frustrating at first when you get the upgrade but soon you'll be an old hand at it. I often think of going to wordpress myself. I think it might be a nicer outfit but change is difficult:)