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Monday, 15 April 2013


full river I knew it was windy and stormy last night, but it wasn’t till I woke up this morning that I realised how much rain there must have been during the night.  The river Tweed  was pretty full!

It was still pretty rough outside so I didn’t think our first petanque match of the season would actually take place at Kailzie Gardens in the afternoon.  Checking my emails I found that if the weather was not improved by 12 midday the meet would be postponed till next weekend. 

Come midday and the rain had stopped, the wind had dropped somewhat so I presumed we’d be giving it a go.  whitebridge flood It’s only a couple of miles from Peebles down the back road, but the rain had  saturated some of the fields and in parts water was pouring on to the road from either side.  It was safe enough to drive through though.

Down at Kailzie the Tweed tweed at kailziewas flowing fast and high, overflowing in a grand manner, but at least the petanque pistes were high enough to be dry. 

About 14 players turned up, so teams of 3 were assigned a piste and so play commenced.play is on

Team C – that was us – won the first of our games, but lost the next two!  Hmmm!measuring for shot  






At times it was hard to see whose boule was closest to the jack  - or cochon as it would be called in petanque’s homeland – so out came the tape measure, as it would determine who was next to play. petanque 021

the champs 

We had a great afternoon of play, with many laughs and much banter, and finally the winners were announced – David, TommyO and the only Frenchman among us – Michel, who were presented with a small trophy.

Looking forward to next week!

Talk again soon.


Peggy said...

petanque is something new to me! Looks like a lot of fun.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Lots of fun, Peggy! It's a game played normally in France. In many towns and villages you'll find mostly the men out playing this form of boules on the local piste! I've never seen women play in France! The idea is to get your balls as near to the jack as you can. Measuring is often necessary! We play at Kailzie Gardens and sometimes have matches with teams from other groups!

Katrina said...

I can't understand why petanque isn't played elsewhere,such as in Fife, it looks good fun. I wonder if the women in France are just expected to stay in the kitchen!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

It IS fun, Katrina. I wonder if there is somewhere near you in Fife? I'll have a nosey around for you! I think you could be right about the French women or maybe they are just glad to have their husbands out from under their feet for a while!
In our membership there are a lot of couples!