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Monday, 20 August 2012

Garden flowers

I’m flitting (blogwise) between home and Yorkshire now.   I still have lots to tell you about visits we made in Yorkshire, but being home again means there are things going on here too.  bhd cream roses Today I will just show you photos of flowers as the owner of the garden we went to see with U3A garden group didn’t want photos of the house published on the internet.  I’m not even going to tell you its name, but I will show you the flower photos I took.

We had a tour with the head gardener who explained the evolution of the garden over the years since the present owners bought the house and land.  It is still a work in progress and it will be interesting to return at some later date just to look out for the changes.bhd blue with raindrops

I am not even going to attempt to remember the names of most of the flowers, like this one with its 3-petalled blue flower.  I did ask someone and they told me but it has completely gone out of my head again. 

bhd blue


Crumbs!  I know this one!  It’s on the tip of my tongue too but I just can’t  remember it!  Beautiful though, isn’t it!

bhd scabious

This one is a scabious!  I used to have these in my last garden.  I had some pale pink ones too.   I love the blues of this scabious.



bhd clematis

Moving from the blues to the purples and pinks of the garden, this clematis climbing up a sandstone wall was flowering beautifully for us.bhd flowerbed..

…as was this bed of herbaceous plants.  Why can I never get my flowerbeds to look as beautiful as these?  I guess I need a head gardener myself!

bhd japanese anemones

These pink Japanese anemones on the right are a favourite of mine.bhd nettle family perhaps

And are these related to the nettles, I wonder?  I’m sure they must be.  They look so like the dead nettle  the one with the white flowers and no sting when you touch it!

bhd spot the bumblebee

Two photos here!  First – spot the bumble bee?

 You can just see its bum and a leg sticking out of the lower left hand bell of the lower spray of flowers!  bhd bumblebee revealed

Picture 2 has him making his way down to the next bell!

bhd pink rose

This is such a delicate pink  climbing rose. These and the creamy white ones were doing well after all the rain we’ve had lately.bhd cream rose  bhd cream rosesAre these actually roses?  The leaves on the right really don’t look like rose leaves.  Anyway, they are still really pretty.

bhd hydrangea

Apparently hydrangeas like this pink one (right) or even the blue or white ones don’t grow well in Peebles.  I have no idea why, but obviously the soil isn’t the right ph!  This one was doing well  at “bhd” (which is how I’ve labelled the garden.)bhd seaholly

I love these (left).  Again, their name escapes me.  I think it’s a sea holly and its name begins with E.  Er….Eryngium!  That’s it!  Got there!  Below is my last photo from the bhd garden,bhd sweet chestnuts a tree this time – the sweet chestnut, with its beautifully glossy leaves.  bhd tiny fungi

Oh and I forgot the photo of the group of tiny little fungi that were growing near the garden swing!  They are only about an inch tall – 2.5 centimetres.

Agapanthus!  The blue flower near the top!  It just came to me!  It’s an agapanthus!

Wish I could show you some of the other photos, but I was specifically asked – told - not to publish them on the internet, so I haven’t.bhd view from 

I’ll just finish off with a view FROM the garden.  There’s a bit of the English cathedral look about the church in the distance, isn’t there?

Talk again soon.  


Mary Ann said...

Even if you aren't allowed to say where it is, your pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers indeed. Is the three-petalled blue one Spiderwort?
http://home.howstuffworks.com/spiderwort.htm and the next one down, Agapanthus? and it seems the Acanthus is indeed related to the Dead-nettle: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47739389@N00/7330501234/ - according to the text below the photo - well spotted!
Thanks for sharing; Valerie, NZ.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Thanks Valerie and Mary Ann. You'll see, Valerie that I updated my entry as as it just came to me when I was putting in that word blogwise - and that was before I read your entry. I don't remember the name Spiderwort, but you could well be right about that and the others! I am hopeless at remembering the names!

Peggy Ann said...

I tried to take pics of the wild flowers on our last vacation but not one came out like yours! You do have a talent with the camera. What kind do you have? Those delicate fungi are wonderful!

MARY said...

Lovely, lovely flowers Evee...
The Blue three-petal one is a Tradescantia.
Is the other one an Agapanthua???

MARY said...

Flowers are beautiful...

Katrina said...

I really enjoyed that one Evee, it's nice to know that your mind is just like mine, so many things grasped at the last moment. I was going to say agapanthus but you got there. I think the first blue one looks like a type of tradescantia which I have in my garden.

Abilena said...

Wow! The pictures you taken is really attractive! I love to see and touch the flowers. What a natures's creativity! Mind blowing Pictures!

Katrina said...

I left a comment before but it must have been eaten! Anyway, I enjoyed that, I'm glad to see that your mind is similar to mine, I was going to say 'agapanthus' but you got there. I think the first blue flower might be a type of tradescantia which I have in my garden. Lovely photos.