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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Paddock Farm

Last week I came down to Yorkshire to take care of my friend Colin, after his heart bypass.  I can tell you he is doing really well.  No-one would ever know, just to see him now! 

Anyway, since I’ve been here we have had a couple of trips out, but most days we take it easy, me working on the computer, or reading, and Colin doing his Sudoku puzzles or reading too, or we might take a little walk.  Of course we go along to Paddock Farm Garden Centre just along the road for lunch some days, and what terrific value for money that is! paddock farm 030 This was lunch the other day!  Steak Pie with mashed potatoes and veg.  Home made pie, masses of potatoes and three different veg, not to mention the extra jug of gravy that I might need!  All for £6.25!   I tell you this tearoom must be the best value for money tearoom in the country!  Another day I asked for a bacon roll.  “With chips and veg?”  “No, just on its own is fine”  “It’s included in the price!”  I’m sure I paid just £2.60, and there must have been about 4 rashers of back bacon in the roll.

I read on the internet that after a heart bypass patients might feel tired, lose their appetite….. Not Colin!  Well he was tired the first couple of days home , but his appetite is very healthy!  He could eat all that pie and veg and demolish my carrots too, because I don’t like cooked carrots!

Anyway while at Paddock I have a wander round and take a look at the plants.  I take photos too, so today I am just going to put in some of my photos, of the flowers themselves first.paddock farm 002paddock farm 003 

I must look into making them into a slide show.paddock farm 005paddock farm 004






paddock farm 006

paddock farm 008 





paddock farm 012

paddock farm 009

paddock farm 010


paddock farm 013

paddock farm 015






paddock farm 017

paddock farm 066

The next few pictures are of some of the separate little themed gardens.paddock farm 036 paddock farm 034






paddock farm 045

paddock farm 041






paddock farm 049

paddock farm 043 paddock farm 039







and some more plants!paddock farm 076paddock farm 073






paddock farm 054


paddock farm 029





paddock farm 040


paddock farm 065





paddock farm 053

paddock farm 038  paddock farm 057






paddock farm 060


 and finally….some fish!paddock farm 048






It’s a pleasure to visit this place.

Talk again soon.


Katrina said...

I'm so glad that Colin is getting along fine now. That food should 'set him up'! The garden centre looks great, we only have Dobbies around here and they're all the same, very poor choice of plants.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Yes, Katrina, the food at Paddock is wonderful! That's one thing -Colin never lost his appetite! He can woof food for England - a bit like I can for Scotland!!! It's only a small garden centre but has room for expansion and Janet and Mark have some great ideas! I love wandering round it! Every day there are more flowers out and things are being moved about as spaces appear!

Peggy Ann said...

So glad to hear Colin is doing so well!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Thanks Peggy. Yes, he's doing very well indeed. Still not allowed to drive - or go rock climbing - but the driving could be restored in a couple of weeks though the climbing may take a little longer!