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Monday, 11 June 2012

An even wetter garden visit

 hd As Frank of Humbie Dean said, the garden was shaped like a wedge of brie, roughly triangular in shape, dipping down at each long side into valleys and bounded by the two burns or streams.  When he and his partner took on the challenge of rescuing the woodland garden, it was in a pretty wild state and bit by bit they are managing to tame it. hd steps down Paths wind round the garden, down wooden edged steps,hd decking paths along the valley bottom,  hd woodlandup more steps, off to little dead end view points….. hd woodland path Frank took us round the garden – that’s him with the yellow and green umbrella – and explained what he and Sarah had done and would continue to do.  hd work ongoing The steep bankings were a work in progress, as weeds were dug up and the earth cleared for more rhododendrons, bulbs and other shrubs   Work must have stopped in a hurry here on the right.  The garden fork has been left where the digging stopped!hd blossom 


hd bluebells and roddy





hd candelabra primula

Bluebells grew in profusion alongside bright red rhododendrons. Plantings of candelabra primulas shone out of the greenery. 

hd poppy petal

hd roddy


These two pictures are bits of photos – the blue Himalayan poppy had lost all but one of its petals, but the colours in the one remaining were so beautiful, I had to take a photo!hd planting

hd euphorbia

hd hosta leaf

I love the hosta with its rain drops in a perfect line down the centre vein of the leaf.

hd roddies

hd pond

hd house garden

Near the house there was a more traditional kind of garden with lawn, flowerbeds and a little pond, with patio and picnic table.  It was tough that the day was so wet.  Perhaps we would have lingered longer if the sun had been shining but we did enjoy the walk around. It would be good to see the progress they make.  Maybe we’ll visit again next year, if they open the garden with the Scotland’s Gardens Open Day scheme 

Talk again soon.


Katrina said...

I'm never envious of people's houses, but their gardens are another matter altogether. It looks like my idea of heaven.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

I love the garden visits we make, Katrina. Sometimes the houses interest me too, but it's the gardens that I covet!!! Got another coming up next time!

Katrina said...

Lovely, I must try to visit that place too. I have a variegated weigiela and I'll try to take a cutting of it for you. You might be able to squeeze a wee one in!