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Sunday, 20 May 2012

One more episode of Doune

Just this one more and then I’ll go on to that mystery destination.

The rest of the week in Doune just flew by.  We made lace every day but also got out and about to explore.  There were new independent guests, Sharon and Steve, who were also interested in what we were doing.  knitting Sharon was a knitter, but like Geoffrey and Stewart, she had a lesson in lace-making from Margareta lace lesson  – and professed a real interest in taking it up as a hobby.  Have we recruited a new member for the Doune Lacemakers?  We hope so! lisbet

Lisbet continued her painted diary,doune wednesday 011



and too soon it was our final day.  snow on the cuillin

There was some snow on the Cuillin hills in the morning

 boats and cuillins lisbet though it didn’t last.



doune head


It was a lovely day for taking the last few photos.  The colours of the water by Doune Head were beautiful.site of the vitrified fort Remains of the pre-historic vitrified fort that gave Doune its name can be seen on the cliff between the two trees in this picture.  eda frandsen, mary doune and gripper

In the afternoon we saw tall ship Eda Frandsen coming into the bay.  This could in fact be the last time we see Eda, as she has been put up for sale.  For a good number of years Eda has been available to charter for trips out to the Hebrides and beyond, but now she has come to the end of her time at Doune, and could go anywhere in the world.  She was originally from Stavanger in Norway as a bit of a wreck, and was rebuilt at Doune – twice, in fact, as a devastating fire in the boathouse soon after she was finished destroyed all the hard work.

So the day passed.  Lace pillows were packed away, and it was soon time for the traditional last night dinner!  It was prawn night!  A large platter of locally caught prawns and several dishes of assorted salads were laid out on the serving table.martin and the prawns 

It’s always a treat, though I have to say I don’t really like breaking their heads off and splitting the shells!  It’s kind of hard on the fingers too!prawn  

Outside the sun was getting lower in the sky turning from silver to gold as it began to go down.doune friday 046


last look at the cuillinsThe afterglow in the sky gave us our last glimpses of the Cuillins, and as we came back over to the lodge we were privileged to see the silhouette of a stag up on the dun.  monarch

Maybe not quite a “ten pointer” or a “royal”  but a stag with antlers nonetheless.stag 



So, next morning it was time to leave.  Our luggage safely stowed aboard Gripper we all piled in, ready for the trip back to Mallaig.  It’s always sad saying goodbye to Doune and the Dounies, but we hope to be back before too long.  It won’t be this year though - sadly! farewell Doune


Talk again soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! beautiful photos, thankyou for sharing.
[Valerie, NZ]

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Thanks Valerie, you are most welcome. Knoydart is a beautiful area, and though I don't get much further than Doune, I love to photograph everything!