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Saturday, 24 December 2011

A postscript

I met my sister for lunch and to exchange Christmas presents today.  While we were chattering about this and that, I brought out my camera to show her a photo taken in the last day or two.  Being Jean she started to flick through the other pics, coming to the ones of the farm houses in Fife that I showed you the other day.  Berryhill Farm, steadings and cottages We-e-ell, it turns out that one of her old school friends lives on one of the farms I visited and I spoke to her husband and her son who were outside working!  I can’t believe the coincidence!  I probably would not have recognised Ann, as the last time I would have seen her would have been in about 1967 the year I left school, but wouldn’t it have been even stranger to have been talking to her!  Actually she would probably know my name, so she might have twigged!

So now Jean is going to write to Ann to tell her (Ann) that it was her (Jean’s) sister who came looking for information that day!  I did write a note of thanks to the farmer, so the penny may still drop, and Jean may hear from Ann first!  What a small world!

Half an hour till Christmas day!  skype NZ xmas 2011 I just had a great conversation with cousins in Auckland, New Zealand where it is already Christmas morning!  Amazing how much smaller the world seems to be getting! 

So happy Christmas to you all.

Talk again soon.


Katrina said...

Happy Christmas Evelyn. It is indeed a small world nowdays and it's great that it's so easy to keep in touch with people now.
I've really enjoyed reading your posts and I'm amazed at how much you manage to fit in to your life. Never a dull moment!

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