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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Wordle art

Taking a break from the Lewis saga to tell you about a website I found today.  I’m not sure how I found it but it all started when  went to look up a book  that Dragonfly Dreams had mentioned in connection with one of my posts here.  The book, by the way is The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry.

Anyway somehow after exploring various websites about the Lace Reader I came across this website www.wordle.net I could play

You enter words you want to play with, click Go and you get something like this popping up on your screen. 

I entered “This is great. I could play with it all day”.  This wasn’t the first version that came up but I found you can change the font, the layout and the colours to get different effects and this was the one I settled for!  I found I could in fact use the tilde sign – no I didn’t know what it was either, but it’s  the wiggly sign I have above my #. Shift and # = ~!  Yes, you can use the tilde to create spaces between words you want to keep in order, e.g. This~is~great.

I tried playing with a few wordy things and these are what I got!  First a message for Mary who has been feeling miserable with a bad cold. message for Mary

Then a list of lace-making wordslace




and I discovered that the more often you enter a word it doesn’t repeat it, but only appears larger.  I put in the word lace three times and bobbins twice.  Here’s a list of friends.friends2and the word art I have called Family Historyfamily history 

I think you can deduce there have been mostly Williams in my family line, followed by Roberts then Jameses.  I’m the sole Evelyn.




These are some of the places I have visited this year.

As I said I could play with it all day.  I do recommend you read the FAQs though.  I learned that to save a design you have to take a screenshot of the page……..

Talk again soon.


Mary Ann said...

I LOVE this whole idea... I'm going to do one and print it and FRAME it for Thanksgiving here!

Thank you, Evee!

MARY said...

This is AMAZING... I love it... xxx