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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Farewell to Doune for another year

Well, it had been another great week at Doune – lots of lace made, though not by me,  good walks doune here– I even managed the climb up the hill,  me at the fank

                                                                    though this photo (right) was taken by Morag at the sheep fank.  rosti, cream cheese and smoked salmon           We had the most wonderful food,autumn fruits pavlova 

                       lots of conversation and fun, good company, wonderful surroundings, and even the occasional beautiful sky.doune skies1                                                     

 stormy sea

                    We had rough seaswaves1


       a beautiful dayand calm seas,                   

                sunoutside the lodge

      and  rain,rainbow over sabhal mor ostaig                                             

                                                                and all too soon it was the end of the week and we found ourselves saying goodbye once again.

prawn night2Our last night is usually Prawn night, and this year was no exception.  Here’s Joan about to dig into the marvellous array of salads and the huge dish of local prawns…..  A close up of the prawns, anyone?prawns

After breakfast on the Saturday, our luggage loaded, and ourselves aboard Gripper, it was time to go. goodbye Steve threw  off the mooring ropes and we were away, waving our goodbyes to Jane, Martin, Liz and Frances who had come to see us off.  leaving doune behind                                                            Soon we were bumping through the waves, leaving Doune behind……..to doune and back 865   

and in a while we were back in Mallaig. steve in mallaig

                               I had one last photo to take – of Steve, our lovely young lad the boatman….and didn’t he blink just at the wrong moment!  Shame!  Hopefully he and Frances, his girlfriend, will be at Doune again next year, along with the fabulous folk who make Doune the most wonderful place for a holiday – and lace week.  Thanks and love as always, to Liz and Andy, Martin and Jane, Steve and Frances.  See you next year.

Talk again soon.


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Dragonfly Dreams said...

As always, Evee - beautiful!
By the way, I just finished an ebook called The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. It is a bit paranormal but actually a very good read about women in Salem, Mass. who can read fortunes in lace. The book mentions lace making pillows and bobbins and all sorts of things I know you understand!:-)