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Friday, 12 August 2011


portmore house Portmore is a large house a few miles north of Peebles, with a beautiful garden that the owners open to the public for one day every two years through the Scotland’s Gardens Open scheme! I had looked forward for a whole year to seeing Portmore gardens, since visiting Haystoun  gardens last summer, and learning that it took year about with Portmore.  So the weekend after the Oban visit, Morag, Michael and I were on our way to Portmore, along with crowds of other folk.  portmore glasshouseThe main part of the garden is in the old walled garden, which has been carefully renovated and laid out by the current owners.  The old Victorian glasshouses appeared to be in such a bad state 9 years ago  when work began, that they were almost demolished.  However it was found that they could be rescued, and today they look wonderful, full of  beautiful flowers, like portmore glasshouse fuchsia fuchsias, portmore glasshouse lilies lilies, and hibiscus,portmore glasshouse hibiscus

and fruit – like these figs portmore glasshouse grapesportmore glasshouse figsand grapes -

and are complete with restored Victorian grotto.

 portmore glasshouse grotto

portmore knot garden 

There’s a knot garden,


    portmore statue in orchard

an orchard complete with a goddess of plenty, presumably,portmore formal garden archa formal garden with arches and urns…….

portmore rose poles


 poles and connecting chains for roses (another with clematis) to climb up and along….portmore how to do topiary


….topiary hedges….

and flowers, beautiful flowers.  Here are just a few of the photos I took.  I can’t remember all their names, so just look at the pics and enjoy!

portmore chrysanths

portmore clematis

portmore eryngium

portmore glasshouse red flowers

portmore flower






portmore hydrangea paniculata

portmore lilies

portmore phlox





portmore purple poppy

 portmore thistle

portmore red lilies






portmore yelllow lilies

There is a fountain and pond too – at the back of the houseportmore pond at back




and a less formal fish pondportmore fishpond…..

portmore croc




……with croc.

scrapping, peebles portmore 171



This is the view the south side of the house must get.  It’s a beautiful place, and I look forward to coming back in two years time to see what additions Mrs Reid has made.  Walks in the woodlands have begun, so more paths around the estate grounds will possibly be developed.  I’ll enjoy those.

Talk again soon.

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