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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

less than 24 hours

  I was sitting writing yesterday’s blog, in the evening, in the living room, balcony door wide open, when I became aware of a sound outside.  I didn’t really take much notice at first but then all of a sudden realisation hit!  It sounded like a hot air balloon being fired up.  We often get the colourful balloon gliding past the window, or over the rooftops on a calm summer evening. balloon closeup

Camera at the ready I went out onto the balcony and waited.  More firing up roars followed before the balloon suddenly appeared from beyond the trees on Tweed Green.  balloon into the sun It flew over the top of my house and was already over the High Street and disappearing fast beyond the buildings, by the time I got through the house to the front door.  I’m still waiting to hear from Virgin about the voucher for my balloon flight from Biggar. 

Tuesday morning was my stint in the charity shop for this week.  As it was the 50th anniversary of the British Heart Foundation that day, Karen wanted us all to dress in red – but I don’t have any red clothes!  Luckily I found a jersey that would fit me amongst the ladies knitwear section of rails, so changed into that for the morning, deciding too that I’d better actually buy it so I’d have something to wear on the next WEAR RED day!  bhf cutting cake There was birthday cake and nibbles for staff and customers as we went through the morning and music from the past 50 years played on the music system.  Here’s Karen, the manageress, cutting the birthday cake in the back shop, and below, with some of the volunteers! bhf staff

In the afternoon, I met up with Amy who drove us down to the Gardens at Kailzie for a game of Petanque  - I’m really getting into this game !  We were to meet Carol there, but as we were early we had a little wander round the gardens to fill in time.  Amy hadn’t been in the Walled Garden before so that’s where we headed, as usual, camera to hand!balloon bhf50 kailzie peebles 014pink geranium






kailzie unknown

kailzie laburnum walk

There were some beautiful flowers, and imagine the yellow blossoms on the laburnum walk, left.  Too bad I missed them flowering!

kailzie the garden wall

The mauve cat mint and lime greeny  ladies mantle flowers as well as green hostas, combined with red and pink climbing roses looked fabulous along the garden wall.kailzie fountain  The fountain was playing, and the whole atmosphere of the place was calm and relaxing.kailie garden wall

kailzie roses and sculpture


There’s a piece of driftwood sculpture on the plinth on the right.  It looks like a bird – merlin, I think was its title!

kailzie red rosesThe roses were stunning!  kailzie pink roseI just love the blousy climbing - or are they rambling – roses like the ones around the arbour above the statue of Eros.kailzie roses kailzie eros

Soon it was time to go and meet Carol for our game of petanque.kailzie fuchsias

(Just a wee shot tucked in there of the fuschias in a barrel!)We had a lovely afternoon, finishing up with tea and chocolate cake in the tearoom – and I forgot all about the camera while we were playing – but then, one game of petanque is much like another - even if I did win this time -  and you’ll probably see more another time anyway.

Talk again soon.

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