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Monday, 6 September 2010

Still Kintyre

hebeI took lots of photos of flowers in Kintyre, so today I’ll show you a few of those.  First a hebe, then a hydrangea.  Try as we might we just can’t seem to grow these in Peebles, but over here there were pink ones, and blue ones, all looking fantastic.hydrangea



kintyre mon tues 014



The wild roses were almost over and the rosehips growing large and red, but I found one rose still in flower.  What a scent!


As well as growing in nearly every garden along the coast these crocosmias grow wild along the hedgerows.  I’m not as a rule fond of orange flowers, but these certainly are pretty.wild flower posy2

The bunch of wild flowers was pretty too.   There were so many different flowers, but I thought they’d look nice in a bunch, in a photo, and I gave them to Hilary on one of my visits.

So Frantic Friday had come and lace was displayed and photographed, and so were we – outside in the garden, in the morning.kintyre lace group Aug 2010..

…when the midges were out.

Little blighters!midges on friday



It was the first time we’d really been bothered by them!

jane's milanese lace


Jane produced a couple of pretty Milanese lace pieces.margaret's horseshoe



Margaret finished her wedding horseshoe.linda's lace..

but the rest of us were still in mid-lace.  Linda’s picture was beginning to take shape.ann's lace



Ann had got all her threads in and had amassed a decent amount of pins… my waterlily2as had I, but at last I was able to take some of the earlier ones out to see what I had made so far.  Jenny had only been able to come down from Tarbert for two or three days, and Judith, from Campbeltown had left early, so I didn’t get photos of their work.

So, nearing the end of the holiday, I had a final walk on the beach, and waited a while for this shotof the wave breaking over the rock!  wave over rockThe view across the rocks and boulders to A’Chleit (below) was as pretty as ever, and to take it I actually got my feet in the water!a'chleit



clouds above islayand here’s another cloudscape over Islay.

So,I will finish off with some  sunset pics.  We didn’t  get any really stunning sunsets, cloudscape but we


did get some amazing skies, into the sun



sunset sky




sunset over juraand at least a pretty sunset in an almost cloud-less sky.jura sunset pencil scribble




Again I played with filters to produce some interesting effects…jura sunsest poster edges

Better to enlarge these, I think.

So Saturday morning saw us all bidding farewell and heading off in our various directions.  I had a cup of tea with Neil and Hilary before taking a wander round Tarbertbowmore .  Bowmore, Neil’s labrador, decided to adopt my foot and use it as a pillow!  He’s a handsome fellow!

colourful corner tarbert




Tarbert is really a very colourful town.  I love to see the buildings being brightened up!colourful town


I have one or two more pictures I took on the way home, but they can wait for my next post!  Hope I haven’t gone OTT with photos today!

 tarbert harbour2Just one more photo – for Linda in Edinburgh.  She and her partner have a little boat they call Wee Red!  The boat on the right is Little Blue!

Talk again soon.

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