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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Going home

So after the lacemakers left Kintyre on Saturday, Anna and I had a chance for a bit of exploration.  On Sunday we had a day out with Linda, Ken and Linda’s dad, also Ken, to Crinan at the western end of the canal of the same name.  It’s only about 9 miles long, but enables boats to take a short cut and not have to make the long journey round the Mull of Kintyre.  kintyre6 and 7 108 The Crinan canal basin is a vibrant and colourful little area, where there are always boats to be found, about to enter the canal locks, or having made the journey from Lochgilphead at the other end.

 kintyre6 and 7 110We had a short walk around the basin crossing the canal via  the lock gates, and admired yachts and views, before continuing on our way, eventually reaching “home” again. 

Ken took Anna to Glasgow airport on Monday for her flight to Stansted, before continuing to Newcastle to visit his brother, so after waving them goodbye, Linda and I took a walk to the shop to pick up some bits and pieces to supplement tea later, kintyre6 muasdale packhorse bridge taking our time on the way back to stop and look over the bridge at the old packhorse bridge that was the old route down the peninsula. After lunch we continued with our lacemaking  for a while, then in the evening I drove up to Tarbert to visit the Gaelic choir that my cousin Neil sings in and Hilary conducts.  Oh that was a great evening, singing with them as they practised songs for the Mod in Wick in October, and going to the pub afterwards.  I think I may contact the Lothian Gaelic choir in Edinburgh with a view to joining them.  I used to sing with one of the Edinburgh Gaelic choirs in the 70s, and only stopped when I moved to Yorkshire.

Next day Jeanne came up from Glenbarr to join me in learning to make felt!   kintyre8 009 She had a pattern for a runner that she wanted to make which involved making sheets of felt of various colours to cut into shapes.  After seeing some of the items Linda had made I decided to make a pouch for my little camera!  I chose a combination of fuchsia pink and a bright purple, and under instruction from Linda  managed to produce a rather creditable pocket of felt that shrank  to fit the camera.   If I’d continued to shrink the felt it would have worked equally well as a mobile phone pouch instead!  

kintyre8 my felted flower2 

I also made a flower!




kintyre the hat

I rather enjoyed the day and plan to try another item soon!  I think a hat could be the next thing!!!  Or maybe slippers?

So now I’m actually sitting at the slipway in Tarbert waiting for the ferry to Portavadie.  I can see it in the distance.  It will be here in about five minutes.  There are three cars waiting today.

Here we are then!  On the boat!  Today after I said goodbye to Linda – Ken is still away in Newcastle  – I drove down the peninsula -  kintyre and home 052

taking a photo break at Westport beach.  It was so beautiful, I could have photographed for ever!

kintyre and home 069



kintyre and home 054



kintyre 9 westport butterfly



-  to Campbeltown and round and up the east side……and we’re off to Portavadie…….  stopping at Skipness for a sandwich and piece of cake bought at the post office shop, andkintyre and home 096 eaten on the


beach, looking over the water to the hills of Arran.  It’s  a beautiful day.

I’m bringing back a meercat, from Glenbarr Abbey- not for me but for Catherine who wanted another one - so he got his photo taken a few times on the way round!   We’ll be heading back to Hunters Quay, Dunoon for the next ferry to Gourock and then back via Glasgow to Peebles. We’re fairly tanking along through the water!  Almost at Portavadie already!!   I think I’ll stop at Tighnabruaich for a cuppie. …

Well, the tearoom at Tighnabruaich was closed, as many British tearooms are at teatime, but don’t get me started on that one….so I kept on driving,kintyre and home 113 back to the ferry at Hunter’s Quay.   Soon we were back on the Glasgow side of the Clyde, and heading towards the city by the motorway – a bit quieter in the evening.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I got to the exit that would take me home, and as the daylight was going I reached Peebles again  - the end of a great holiday.  When’s the next one?! 

Talk again soon,

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