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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I know I said I’d be back in the New Year but I have to share this with you, and as 1/3 of the 3 people who have voted in the poll re the length of my postings, think they are too long, I will try not to write  too much, but I do have to show you some photos from my walk along the riverside yesterday.

 bridge icicles  It was a beautiful day, though it started off with freezing fog so I could hardly see across the river.  Eventually that lifted and for the rest of the day, although it was bitterly cold, the sun was bright and the sky blue!   I did my usual walk under Tweed Bridge - looking back at the icicles hanging from the oldest part - cuddy meets tweed2.09past the swimming pool,  and the cauld/weir,  across the bridge over the Cuddy Burn – poor cold ducks! -  alongside the high wall that marks the boundary of Riverside House,



frost on the beech tree to my favourite tree at the bottom of the steps that go up to Hay Lodge Park or to the main road, Old Town.   



I climbed the steps, turned left onto the path past Hay Lodge  and hay lodge park2down more steps to the entrance to the park, then skirted the edge  -  where someone had built a huge snowman - to come out opposite the old Parish Church of St Andrews – now only the tower remaining –

haylodge park gates and st andrews tower  at the top of Old Town.

  From there it is only a few steps to Morag’s house, where I knew I’d get a welcome cup of tea!!!


frost 09 I just couldn’t believe the frost on the trees.  It was so beautiful. 


The grasses and river reflections were pretty stunning too.

frost andf reflections

If only the sun would shine like that more often we perhaps wouldn’t mind the cold of winter half so much.  Today is dull again, and it feels dull too.



Last photo – take a closer look at the frost on this cotoneaster in Morag’s garden.  frost on cotoneaster2Quite amazing!

Snow before Christmas is quite unusual these days, and so it will seem like a very long winter if we get the usual January/February snow on top of this!  Here’s hoping we get a few more days like yesterday to brighten us up just a bit till spring comes again.


Mary said...

Oh EVEE... these look so professional!!! Love them.

Marcie said...

Evee, don't know _who_ voted to say that your post are too long but I didn't vote as I hadn't found you yet...but lass, it's your blog, write ALL you want! I'll read every word. *g* Love your snow pictures as always.