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Friday, 20 November 2009

Season of mists and…… rain and high waters…

The river has been up and down like a yoyo this last week or so!  It has flooded  its banks once then gone down, and is again up to the top, about to do the same again today.  It really must have rained hard during the night as yesterday it wasn’t that full!  


inverness, peebles and gifford 098At 2.00 this afternoon the water was again lapping the edges of the bank, maybe just a little further out than when this photo was taken from my window the other day.  It was a lot higher at 5.00 when I went for a walk down to the bridge.  However around 10.30 tonight I went down again to have a look at how the water level was going.  Being dark you can’t get the right impression from up here, but the water was right up to the fork in that path, between the bridge and the car!  Here’s what it looked like from  just a bit behind the car.bridge path    

I know it’s not a good quality photo, but not so bad for my wee point-and-click camera and a bit of playing with my computer!  Let me show you a couple more.


flood 001

This photo looks over Priorsford footbridge to the Green.  The school kids use this bridge as a short cut to school.  Well, not tomorrow they won’t! 

On the other side of the bridge is a sign….road closed

The road goes round to the left to reach a couple of houses and the start of the footbridge.

We really don’t often get floods like this, so of course when I was out looking, so were lots of others, mainly dads bringing their children to see.  I suppose it is quite exciting to see a fast flowing lake where there is usually a reasonably well behaved river!

sandbags The sandbags are out all along the street.  I do hope they are not needed.  This is a time when I am glad I am on the upper floor in a flat/apartment.

So we’ll see what tomorrow brings!


inverness, peebles and gifford 073As for the mists – these were taken last week, again from my window. - Oh this is a good one to show you where the river has come out to.  It’s right alongside that path,  not over it yet, but I’ve jut taken another look and we now do have our toes in the water.  It has come from the bridge side, as in the first pic above, and is now pouring along the road below my windows, to meet another wash from the left.  Strangely the path being on a slight ridge, it is still walkable for most of its length.  Who’d want to walk it anyway?

inverness, peebles and gifford 079Back to the mists for a moment then – they often burn off during the morning giving us a beautiful day, but that day it stayed like this all day!


inverness, peebles and gifford 082

Driving up to Eddleston to meet Norma for a cuppie,  the farmhouse on the hill was slightly eerie-looking , and when I reached the tearoom it was just as bad with the hills hidden from view.

  However the sun did just manage to get through for all of 15 minutes befinverness, peebles and gifford 084ore the mist rolled in again.  I don’t want to leave you thinking that we just get bad weather here.  Next time I’ll show you the river walk I did a day or two later. 

However a last look at the river tonight…  Well, it’s still rising!  There is only one small triangle of the Green left, and that’s outside my window on the other side of the road.  It will be gone tomorrow!  I’ll let you know!  It seems that the west has really been getting it far worse.  The Lake District and Dumfriesshire  are really suffering.

Talk again soon.

1 comment:

Mary said...

OMG Evee... amazing photos BUT I do hope the river soon drops. So frightening and, like you, I'm glad I live in an upper flat!!!
Keep us informed & more importantly, KEEP SAFE.