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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Up island

Another day we had a trip up island, over the Malahat a high pass, to Duncan and Chemainus.

canada 013At the top of the pass is a viewpoint over to Saanich and mainland British Columbia again, and marked with a totem pole.

malahat totem pole



canada 014 Next we stopped for a quick look at Duncan a small town on the coast, before continuing up to Chemainus.  This was a small logging town that almost died when the recession hit incanada 018 1981 when the natural resources of the area gave out and jobs ended  there, but the residents of the town were not prepared to let that happen, and an idea was put into practice.  All round the town on any large flat wall murals depicting the history of the town have been painted.  Artists have taken various different aspects of the place,  etc, and painted their interpretation on the walls of the town.

canada 081

e.g. the native population - you may have to click to enlarge these to get the benefit of the pictures.  This I think is the most stunning of them all.


 canada 077

the first white people to arrive here,




canada 082

the first white woman to be born here,




canada 032


the arrival of the railroad.




logging, the first school, the Chinese logging gangs, the Chinese store, the hotel, the company store….. the list goes on.  There are about 40 of them scattered around the centre of the small town, and Chemainus’ fortune has changed.  It is now called The little own that did, and tourists come from everywhere to view the murals and spend time and money here!

The pics here are my favourites!

All for now.

Talk again soon.

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