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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The day continued

After we had exhausted ourselves in the heat, at the Gardening Scotland show, eaten ice creams, drunk copious cups of tea, and relaxed in the campervan for a while to allow Mike time to sit in the sun and watch the various aircraft arriving and departing - the car park being right next to Edinburgh airport's runway - we decided to take a drive down to Queensferry for a Fish Supper, and a walk along the waterfront.

When we got there, there were cars and people and tour buses everywhere - and a large ocean liner offshore beside the Forth Bridge.

When we finally got parked, through the binoculars we could see it was the Eurodam, from the Holland American line. What a size of a ship! Sometimes these big cruise liners come right upriver to Queensferry, instead of docking at Leith, and then the passengers are ferried over to the town where coaches are waiting to take them into Edinburgh. I think tenders and coaches operate all day, but by this stage everyone was arriving to re-embark. Lots of Italians among the crowds!

Now I'm willing to bet that you wouldn't think you were in Scotland, looking at this picture!!! Look at all that blue sea and blue sky! It could be the Mediterranean!

Well, because we had to park where we did, we certainly got our walk along the waterfront. It's a good step from the Hawes Inn right underneath the bridge to the town itself, but that was where the chippie was where we would buy our fish'n'chips.

We walked right along the High Street first, looking at the old buildings
and peering in the shop windows on the terraces as well as beneath them.
There's a story about Black Castle, the black painted building to the left of the pub. Apparently the ship owner who had the house built in 1626 was drowned at sea, and for some reason, the maid was accused of having got a beggar woman to put a curse on the ship. Both were executed as witches! Cruel times!
Well, we finally we got our fish and chips - fish suppers -
and took them to a bench on the waterfront to eat them with our fingers - the only way to eat them - overlooking the water and the two bridges in the evening sunshine.

As I told the two of them when we eventually got home to Peebles, it was a great Christmas present!

Oh! Just before I go, I must show you the photo I took in Heather's garden yesterday. As I came down the close, I noticed a bird flying into her birdy box, so out with the camera, trained it on the box, and I waited! Sure enough, before long a small beak peeked out and looking around, the bluetit emerged - and I clicked the shutter!
Not a bad wee photo for a point and shoot camera! Of course with a better camera the photo would probably have been better, but I'm quite proud of it nonetheless.

We don't know if Mrs is sitting on eggs and that maybe this is Mr bringing her food, but there are no baby bird sounds just yet. It is rather late now for raising a new clutch but it could still be alright. If I find out any more, I'll let you know!

Talk again soon.

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