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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Losing the plot!

Well, I really do seem to be losing it! Honestly! Yesterday I decided to heat up a pie for my supper, so turned on the oven to preheat it. Now at this point I will tell you my oven is one of these combi-ovens that can cook like a conventional oven, or microwave. The oven came to temperature so I placed the pie, on the baking tray, inside and closed the door. To set the timer I punched in 10 individual minutes.....beep beep beep beep beep up to 10. However as I got to the tenth one the LCD informed me that the oven was now cooling! I hadn't actually cooked anything yet! Then I realised I should maybe have set the 10 minutes by pressing the 10 minute button once, which I proceeded to do. I left the kitchen and came back to the living room waiting for my ten minutes to pass!

Suddenly about 8 minutes later I detected a slight smell of something burning, so of course smartly headed back to see what was happening to my pie! Clouds of grey smoke from the kitchen met me in the hall! OMG! What's going on? Holding my hand over nose and mouth I reached the micro and "ping"ed the door open! More smoke billowed forth! - I had to waft the kitchen door back and forward to try and clear the smoke - and finally found my pie - completely ruined and burnt black through and through, just a pie shaped lump of pure carbon!

So I deduce that pressing the ten minute button when the oven had begun to cool, had made it revert to being a microwave oven! One pie, a microwave oven, ten minutes? A recipe for disaster indeed!

What am I like?!

Talk again soon!

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