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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tenerifian style

I really did intend getting back to this before now!  I think this time I will show you some of the Tenerifian buildings I really liked.  There were masses of holiday homes: houses and apartments, churches….. and these old fishermen’s houses.  There aren’t too many of these left now.P1100919P1100910

I love the mountain view behind the old houses and stores on the right, by the way –  all very arid and volcanic!


ten 127 apartments

A lot of the buildings are made up of different shapes, like the semi circular balconies on the right of this photo, and the rectangular ones opposite them.ten89 balcony

I love this little pink balcony with its pillars and pergola, one in a row of them.

ten 128 balconies

ten79a next doorHere are some more pretty balconies.  The one on the left has been built on, extending the upstairs room.   Flowers are everywhere – right!

ten23 galletas pier end


This blue tower is a restaurant at the end of the pier at Costa del Silencio – not quite the end of the pier pavilion we think of in the UK.

and these arched doors lead to…..ten21 public loos

…..the public loos!  Not bad, eh?  You’re not allowed to go in if you are wet, presumably from swimming rather than the rain!  (It must rain there some time!)

ten29 modern apartments silencio

It seems to me that everything is tiled if it isn’t painted.  Even the ground round this lovely house is tiled.ten61 evening at sunflower

I love how bright and light so many of the buildings are.  This is part of the little complex where Peter had rented his apartment.ten52 calle sunflower

That’s Peter standing in the distance outside the apartment!

ten90 apartments

This house is nice.  I love all the trees and cacti in the garden too.ten90a apartments

I like that a lot of the buildings have some irregularity about them, and balconies aren’t always in rows.  Here, right, they are at differing heights – and there are the palms and the cacti again! ten98 christianos

This church is in Los Christianos, one of the big touristy towns, still reasonably quiet at this time of year,ten98d christianos

and these shops, cafes and restaurants with apartments above are facing the beach and  the sea beyond.ten98i christianos

Sadly this beautiful arcaded building had been deserted and left to fall into disrepair.  I think it had been a restaurant once.

P1110083Even these apartments at Medanos  had some character about them, and cafes and shops below them.

Just before I finish, P1110293I must show you some sandcastles made of black sand of course!  You can just see the red bucket the guy put out for your appreciation of his work!  He must spray the sand throughout the day, but I wonder how long each building survives?

Well, this has been a long time in the production.  I will try and do better next time!      Talk again soon.